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4th April 2005 :: S.I.D Stand @ GY 6

No less than 8 cars represented S.I.D at the Stadium event and our sincere thanks go to all our customers who took the time and trouble to attend this event and show off their S.I.D prepared artforms.

The cars lined up in and arc behind the Logo certainly attracted major attention from many hundreds of admirers. The examples of work on show were selected to be representative of varying degrees of work that can be achieved within reasonable budgets. Special thanks go to:-Mark \\\'Hooligan\\\'Pointer - Fordson Van, Jason Rowe -Kandy Turbo Fiesta, Linda Grimmer - Metalflake Mini Corvertible, Ben Palmer - Flamin Nova, Robert George - Kandy Renault 5 Turbo, Tom James - Custom 106, Ty & Mr & Mrs Howell - Custom KA and last but by no means least Neil Smart who modified his RS Turbo in just under 3 weeks and got it down to us to paint over the weekend before the Cruise!! Well done mate and thanks again to everyone you made one hell of a display and definately deserved your S.I.D Cruise 6 Best of the Best Trophys.



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