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4th November 2004 :: One Fast Fordson

S.I.D wedges 565 cubic inches of Big Block Chevy Power into Fordson Van

Mark `Hooligan` Pointer will be holding on tight this Saturday as he battles to hold on to over 1000 bhp in his little Fordson Van at this weekends Flame and Thunder Show @ Santa Pod Raceway. The engine which runs on Alcohol has been good for 0 to 171 mph in 7 Seconds in SIDs own Race Vette but should be wilder than a wounded Rhino rammed into the shorter wheel base of the Fordson. Jon has been working on the project all week and in now fitting a hood aeroscoop to ensure the engine is delivered enough air to fuel. The whole assembly has takken 5 days including mounting, wiring and plumbing and is abit of a work of art. Henry Ford would be turning in his grave if he only knew what was being planned in the need for speed. Everyone @ SID wishes Mark the very best of luck for this weekend and can assure him that we will be coming along for the ride.



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