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11th October 2004 :: Congratulations

SID Customers take the National Championships by Storm in 2004

Jon and Sharon Hogarth thank their customers from the world of Drag Racing for their continued support and send their congratulations to many of them who have done so very well in 2004. Ian & Sue Jackson have worked tirelessly to take the Championship in Custom Car Street Eliminator in their 64 Vette. Ian Jackson has fought off stiff competition from competitors winding up huge nitrous big blocks to take the win in this street legal racing class. Graham Dance, Super Street Bike just didnt seem to leave a trophy for anyone else all season - even taking the win, the money and the silver at Hockenhiem...Congratulations Graham on another Natioanl ACU Championship win. Kev Perkins who drove the Cutlass to within an inch of its life all season in Super Modified deserves no less than to achieve runner up in the Sumo National Championship - this is one dedicated guy who really does give it everything he has and more - well done Kev we have the greatest of admiration for you.Last but not least our congratulations go to Craig Gibbs and Obsession Motorsports for driving their stunning SID built, prepared and painted 69 Race Camaro to a personal best of 7.90 @ 168mph at the National Finals what a way to end the season and sealing a 1.10 60 ft to boot making it the fastest sixy footer in Super Mod. Looking forward to the 2005 Season already ....



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