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20th January 2006 :: S.I.D Install NEW ON SITE Paint Scheme

S.I.D have invested and installed the all new Max Meyer Aquamax Paint System and On Site Paint Mixing Room

S.I.D are pleased to advise that we are a year ahead of other Independant Bodyshops in the area having already installed and operating the all new Aquamax paint mixing scheme by Max Meyer which will become a legal duty for 2007 for environmental benefits. Max Meyer have been onsite at S.I.D and spent time training all our experienced Bodyshop Technicians in the use and art of the water based scheme and have pronounced them all as proficient. Having the latest technology and all manufactuers colours on site ensures great Colour Matching and Colour Coding.AquaMax has a very low solvent content: only 4% on average, complying with the strictest VOC regulations, which means noxious emissions to the atmosphere are reduced dramatically. So, the impact of AquaMax on the environment is minimised, and the painter enjoys better working conditions, thanks also to the reduced smell of solvent.



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