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03 September 2005 :: SID Built 7 Second Super Street Bike

Graham Dance otherwise known as G Whizz runs the first ever 7 second pass on a Nitrous Super Street Bike outside of the USA

Graham has been thrilled to bits with his SID built Chrome Moly SSB Chassis ever since he hit the track with it in May 2005. The state of the art chassis ran straight and hard from the word GO and Graham was confident that he could run a seven second quarter mile before the end of the Season. Well today he did just that - a whole hat trick of them just to ensure that the sceptics amongst us were left under no illusion that this is the fastest non-turbo Super Street Bike outside of the USA. 0 - 183mph in 7 seconds on a street tyre. Awesome - and one hell of a ride as well.



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