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4th July 2005 :: S.I.D Sponsor Jnr Powerboat

When Luke Cleveland approached SID for help preparing his new boat for 2005 action we knew we had to pimp his ride.

Luke is the proud owner of a Jnr Powerboat but alas it looked tired and down beat and in serious need of a face lift for the 2005 Season. Luke has joined Team Tigers as their yougest member and Luke wanted a striking paintjob in team colours and approached SID for sponsorship. Jon owver and chief painter & airbrusher is a sucker for all types of motorsport and wanted to ensure Luke\'s ride got plenty of attention. Luke is more than happy with the result and proudly displays his SID logo on the front of his boat at both training and National race events. See Luke and his SID prepared boat at Oulton Broad. Good Luck Luke for the 2005 Season.



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