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3rd July 2005 :: Cannonball Run

Everyone at SID wish Chris and the guys from Lings Honda Good Luck in the European Cannonball Run

SID were proud to step in and carry out some intricate fabrication and modifying work for Lings of Lowestoft who needed to get a Race Style Carbon Bonnet to fit their superb 2005 NSX Supercar in readiness for the Cannonball Run. When the NSX left our workshops it certainly looked ready for action.The Cannonball Run is an awesome race accross Europe beggining today and ending on 9th July after a 959 mile road trip.As cars left the UK, Mision Two packs were opened and the drivers learnt their fate - a 959 mile trip to the island of Oland off the East Coast of Sweden.The route takes in roads of France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark before crossing the bridge into Sweden. Cars stretched their legs on the autobahns as the daylight hours faded and night set in.Good Luck to Chris and all the guys involved in the Cannonball Run.



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