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12th April 2005 :: Who Does What & In What Department??

Ever wondered who does what @ S.I.D?

Jon Hogarth - Owner, Responsible for everything Custom - Custom Painter, Airbrushing, Pinstripping, All design work & graphics, Cheif Bodystyling Wizard, Custom Bonnet & Body Vents, Race Car Building, Race Bike Building, Chopper, Cruiser & Trike Fabrication, Jon works in the Bodyshop & Fabrication Shop. Andrew Baxter, Senior Bodyshop Technician - General Bodywork, Bodystyling, Senior Paintsprayer Andrew also assists Jon in the Fabrication Shop and is competant in Welding. Smarty - Bodyshop Technician, Body Repair & Styling, Bodykit Fitting - Bodyshop Daniel McComas - Apprentice Bodyshop Technician - Daniel has been with us for almost a year and is a dab hand at body preperation and the initial paint stages. Dan can normally be found in the Bodyshop!! Sharon or Mrs Sid -Customer Service, Responsible for Quotations and Estimates - Yes a woman who knows her stuff!!! Chief Receptionist, Bodyshop Manager, HR Manager, Cheif Cook & Bottle Washer, Wet Flattening Skills & Flame Liner, Accounts, Book Keeping, Wages Clerk, Shop Assistant, Senior Show Organiser. Jazz - German Shepherd, Overall Boss!! Chief of Security, Meeter & Greeter, Moral Booster & Comforter, Bone Burier, Debt Collector!! John Hogarth Senior - retired but operational with a duster. Fully responsible for keeping mugs clean and the shop dust free!! Leon Hogarth - Website Development & Responsible for his parents being skint!! Frances Codling - Cool Temp & Accountancy Advisor.



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